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Travel Stories from The Road Untold

Paintballing in Pablo Escobar's Mansion

"It’s difficult to know what Escobar would have thought to a group of gringos shouting, laughing and shooting yellow paint all over his property."

5 Amazing Roads for Motorbiking in Colombia

"There are few things more enjoyable than riding a motorbike on the open road. The freedom, the adventure, the world at your fingertips."

Exploring Pripyat - Chernobyl's Apacalyptic Playground

"It was the evening of April 25th 1986 when a botched safety test at the Chernobyl nuclear power station lead to an explosion which deposited highly radioactive material onto the surrounding areas. Pripyat, a city of 48,000 built to house the station staff and their families, lay just three kilometers away."

Cambodia - A Portrait in Pictures

"Cambodia is the fastest growing economy in Asia and a place where natural and human wonders are always just a stone’s throw away"

Guns & Noodles - Trekking Myanmar's Golden Triangle

"The sound of automatic gunfire rang out, reverberating around the hills like firecrackers. Everyone looked at Jojo, our young, happy-go-lucky guide."