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Media Center PC


A media centre PC (also known as HTPC, or Home Theatre PC) is used for lounge entertainment. A typical media centre must look like a hifi-system in order to fit in with other lounge electronics. They must also be quiet in order not to distract during quiet viewing. Power is required in moderate amounts, similar to a home PC. Most of the cost will go into the case and storage, as video files will typically take up large amounts of space.

Each of the examples here will be capable of running the tasks listed on the left, however in order to watch TV you will need a TV tuner card as well. These are available from the same retailers as the parts listed below.


What's it for?

  • Watching & recording TV
  • Watching & writing DVD
  • Watching & writing BluRay
  • Steaming music & video
  • Watching HD video
  • Storing large amounts of video

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