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Gaming PC


A Gaming PC is used for playing the latest 3D games, which are very resource hungry and require high performance components. Of course a gaming PC will be able to do everything a Home PC can do, but it will also be able to produce high quality gaming experiences too.

Each of the examples here will be capable of running the latest games at good quality settings on a 22" screen. The more you spend on a Gaming PC the higher the quality settings you can have and the higher the resolutions you can run games at. A more expensive gaming PC will also be able to play the latest games for a longer period of time before needing to upgrade certain components.

All three of these examples have the potential to overclock their Processors and graphics cards. When done moderately, overclocking is low risk, and will provide you with a significant boost in performance.


What's it for?

  • Everything a Home PC is
  • Hardcore Gaming!
  • 3D workstation type applications (3D animation/modelling etc.)

Vista Retail or OEM?

With an OEM version you can still upgrade your memory, graphics card and processor, but changing the motherboard or hard drive will result in the liscence becoming invalid.
Because a retail version of Vista is less than double the cost of an OEM, we would recommend the retail version unless you are absolutely sure you will not be doing any major upgrades untill a new version of windows is released.

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