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Choosing a case for your PC is usually one of the most enjoyable parts. This will be the &face& of your new machine and will reflect how you want your PC to be seen. Of all the components cases are perhaps the most diverse, with hundreds of cases from almost as many manufacturers providing a style to suit almost any eye.

But choosing a case is not just about looks. The case you choose will dictate how air flows through the case and around the other components cooling them in the process. Although most cases follow a similar layout some will have better air flow than others, depending on how the case fans are positioned and how it utilises the fans attached to other components, such as the processor and PSU.

Cases come in many different shapes and sizes, so you must make sure that the case you choose supports your motherboards form factor (ATX, m-ATX, ITX etc).

You may also consider how a case can make building a PC easier. Cheaper cases are made of steel can be heavy, while pricier versions will be made of light aluminium. Some cases have &screwless& designs that allow you to secure the drives and cards without the use of screws. Others have a removable tray to attach the motherboard and slide it in and out easily. Cable management is something that some cases also help with by providing specific routes and clips for cables to pass through.

Ultimately there is little need to spend more than £50 on a Case, other than for style. Much of what a good case provides is not particularly expensive.

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