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Building Step 1


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This video illustrates how to fit an Intel Socket 775 processor into the motherboard. For more information on this step, read the explanation below. If you are installing an AMD processor, read the section entitled "AMD Processors".

Before you start installing the processor make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.

Once you are grounded, unpack the processor, heat sink and motherboard and place them on a flat non-metallic surface. Remove the plastic covers on the top of the socket and the bottom of the processor. You are now ready to begin.



Never Touch the area on the bottom of the processor, whether it's the contacts on an intel processor or the pins on AMD. Lightly hold the processor by its sides, between your thumb and index finger.


AMD Processors

The pins are on the base of AMD processors rather than the socket itself, so make sure not to touch them when holding the processor (left). Open the lever on the side, making a note of the triangular mark on one corner of the socket. Place the processor into the slot, lining up the gold triangle on its bottom corner to the one on the socket. Again do not forcing anything, the processor should drop into the slot by itself. Once the processor is positioned correctly, lower the socket lever to secure the processor.

YouTube has the official AMD video showing how to install an Athlon64 processor.

Video Steps

  • First Remove the protective plastic cover on the top of the socket and base of the processor.

  • Open the socket lever by pulling out slightly and then up.

  • Without forcing anything, put the processor into place, it should drop into the motherboard socket without any pressure. It will not be secured in place until the socket is closed again. If you are unsure which way round to place the processor, look for the grooves and notches on the processor and heat sink. Alternatively locate the gold triangle which is in one corner on the top of the processor and match it to the same mark on the corner of the socket.

  • Once the processor is in, close the socket hinge and push down the lever. This may require some force so make sure the processor is positioned correctly in the socket before pushing the lever down. Once closed you are ready to fit the heat sink!

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