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Building Step 10

Power Supply

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In this video we will be installing an ATX Power Supply (PSU) into the case. This is the final stage of the build process, and is also one of the simplest. Almost all components will require power directly from the PSU, although some (such as PCI cards) will receive it from the motherboard.

This stage will vary slightly depending on the types of components you have, for example some graphics cards may require an extra power connection (see image, left). Some motherboards will also require extra power connections, an 2 x 4pin instead of just a single 4pin for example. If you are not sure whether your motherboard needs extra power, check the manual that came with it.

Before you start installing the hard drive make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object (such as the inside of the computer case) or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.



Never plug the PSU in to the mains power source while connecting any of its cables to the components. Remove the power cable from the back of the PSU (if it is connected) and if it has a switch set this to the 'off' position


Video Steps

  • Position the PSU into the case as shown in the video. Secure it from the outside with 4 case screws.

  • Connect the large 24pin motherboard power connector. Make sure the clip snaps closed securing the connector.

  • Connect the 4pin or 8pin 12v motherboard power connector. Again make sure the clip snaps closed to secure the connector.

  • Connect the Molex connectors. This will include any IDE devices (in the video the optical drive uses a Molex power connector). If you have any trouble inserting them, try slightly angling them as you inset them to match the male and female connections.

  • Connect the SATA power cable into any SATA devices (in the video the Hard Drive uses a SATA power connector). They should slide in very easily and will not 'click'.

  • Connect any 6pin PCI-e connectors (not in video) which are usually used for Graphics cards.

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