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Building Step 7

Optical Drive

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This video shows you how to fit a 5.25" optical drive into the most common type of case. Almost all cases will have their 5.25" bays on the top front of the case. They will usually have plastic panels covering each bay, one of which will need to be removed to fit the optical drive.

Some cases may require you to remove the entire front fascia in order to remove this panel. In this video we use a case which does not require this, however if you are unsure of how to remove the panel, refer to the manual that came with the case.



Be carefull when reaching into the bay to remove the plastic panel, some cases have sharp edges which can cut your hand.


Master/Slave Jumper

The optical jumper inserts onto the master/slave pins on the back of the drive.

The optical jumper inserts onto the master/slave pins on the back of the drive.

IDE drives have 2 modes, 'Master and Slave'. When 2 drives are installed on a single port (via a cable with 2 drive connectors), the master drive will have priority for use of the cable over the slave drive. You can set the mode of a drive by adjusting the position of the 'jumper' on the back of the drive. This is a small piece of plastic which sits over 2 pins. You can find out which jumper positions are for which mode by looking either on the top of the drive or just above the jumper, where there should be a diagram. This diagram will describe 3 settings: MA(Master), SL(slave) and CAS(Cable Select). The last of these is for letting the mode be decided by the connector itself. If you do set this mode you must make sure that both drives are set to Cable Select mode.

Video Steps

  • First remove the panel from the front of the 5 1/4" drive bay by reaching inside and unclipping the side.
  • If you are installing a single IDE drive, set its jumper to 'master'. If you are installing 2 IDE drives on the same cable, one will need to be set to master and the other slave. There should be a label either above the jumper or on top of the drive which will tell you which jumper settings are for which.
  • Slide the optical drive into the bay until the front sits flush with the front of the case.
  • Using fine threaded screws secure the drive in place. Use 2 screws for each side.

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