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Building Step 4


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This video shows you how to fit an ATX motherboard into the case. The process would be exactly the same for a Micro-ATX and almost identical for a Micro-ITX motherboard.

Before you start installing the motherboard make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object (such as the inside of the computer case) or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.



Riser and Screws used to secure motherboard

Video Steps

  • The first thing to do is remove both sides of your case and lay it flat on the ground. If your case opens differently to the one in the video, refer to the instructions that came with it.

  • Now remove the default back plate which comes with the case by pushing it into the case. from the back of the case and insert the one that came with your motherboard.

  • Once the case is open lightly place the motherboard into the case and make a note of which holes on the case line up with those on the motherboard.

  • Remove the motherboard from the case so that we can install the supports.

  • 'Risers' are inserted into the holes in order to support the motherboard and prevent it from shorting out on the metal case. Each of the holes in the motherboard must supported by a riser. Unless there are 'integrated' risers pressed out of the case, you will need to screw risers into each hole.

  • Once each of the risers is fitted, place the motherboard into the case and line each hole up to the risers. Secure it using the 'fine threaded' screws.

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