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Building Step 3


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In this video we install 2 Memory modules into their respective DIMM slots on the motherboard. This process is as easy as it looks, the only thing you need to think about is which of the 4 slots should be used in order to utilise dual channel memory (see 'Dual Channel' tab below).

Before you start installing the processor make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.



You can only use DDR2 memory with a DDR2 motherboard and DDR3 with a DDR3 motherboard, they are not backwards compatible (infact they will not even fit as the groove is in a slightly different place). If you are unsure which your motherboard supports check the specification in the manual.


Dual Channel

Dual Channel memory allows twice as much information to flow between the processor and the memory. In order to utilise dual channel you need to have 2 memory modules of the same size and speed installed in the correct slots as stated in your motherboard manual.

For example some motherboards require you to install 2 modules into slot 1 & 3, where as others may need them to be in slots 1 & 2 to work in dual channel mode. Refer to your motherboards manual under ‘memory‘ or ‘RAM‘ where it will tell you which slots to use.

Video Steps

  • First Open the DIMM slot clips.

  • Align the module with the slot, making sure the groove on the module lines up with the notch on the slot.

  • Without forcing anything, slide the module into the DIMM slot and push down evenly on each corner until both clips snap shut. This may require some force so check that you have the module aligned with the slot correctly before pushing hard.

  • Repeat these steps with the second module (if you are installing one).

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