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Building Step 2


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In this video we will fit the Intel Stock Heat sink Fan to the motherboard. Again make sure to ground yourself before touching any of the PC components.

First step is to check that your heat sink has thermal compound on it. If it doesn't then you will need to apply some before fitting it. For more information on thermal Compound see the tab below.


Non-Standard HSFs

If you have bought an after market cooler, it may have a different method of fitting, for example large HSFs require a plate being fitted to the back of the motherboard. If you are unsure refer the the instructions that came with your HSF or google the HSF model + 'installing'


Thermal Compound

Thermal Compound (also known as thermal paste or thermal grease) ensures good heat transfer to the heat sink from the processor and without it the processor will overheat. Thermal compound should be on the area that will be in contact with the processor.

If there is no thermal paste on your heat sink you will need to put a small amount on the top of the processor before installing the heat sink (Left). We recommend using 'arctic silver 5' thermal compound, available from most computer stores.

Video Steps

  • First make sure that the heat sink has Thermal compound on the part that will be in contact with the processor. You may need to remove the plastic film covering it.

  • Align the heat sink above the four mounting holes around the socket on the motherboard. Place it lightly into position so that the plastic legs are protruding through the bottom of the board. You may need to slightly lift the board in order to achieve this.

  • Lift the motherboard away from the surface it is on and one by one push the clips down until they click in the order shown in the video. This will secure each leg to the board. Make sure to support the board from underneath as you push down on the clips to prevent the board getting damaged.

  • Finally connect the fan power cable to the motherboard.

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