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Building Step 6

Hard Disk Drive

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This video will show you how to install a 3.5" hard disk drive into the most common type of case. The position of the 3.5" Hard Drive bays may differ on different types of case, however the principles will remain the same. If you are at all unsure of how to fit the Hard Drive into your case, refer to the instruction manual that came with the case.

Before you start installing the processor make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.

Once grounded unpack the hard drive and install it into a free 3.5" bay as per the video, securing it using 4 'case screws', which have slightly larger threads than those used to secure the motherboard (left).



keep your hard drives away from magnets! Hard drives work by laying down magnetized ions onto a metal disk. For this reason they are incredible sensitive to any sort of magnetic fields which can wipe information from them. This includes Sub-woofers so keep them at least 1 meter away from your hard drives at all times.


Video Steps

  • First locate the area that the drive needs to be inserted. Unpack the drive and holding it by its sides, insert it into the drive bay with the rear side (the one with the connectors) facing the motherboard. If your case has side facing drive bays, look into your case's manual to see which direction to insert your drives.

  • Line up 4 of the holes in the side of the hard drive with those on the case and secure them with the large threaded screws.

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