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Building Step 9

Graphics Card

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In this video we will be installing a PCI-e graphics card. This is similar to installing any type of PCI based card, the only difference being the motherboard slot that the card is placed into. In this case it will be the PCI-e 16x slot.

If you are installing a sound card or other PCI card, look at which slot the cards contacts fit into. The other 2 common types of slot are the PCI-e 1x and the standard PCI slot. For more information on these different slots see the 'choosing motherboard' page.

Before you start installing the hard drive make sure to ground yourself by touching a grounded object (such as the inside of the computer case) or by wearing your anti-static wrist band.



Never force anything. If the card does not go in easily, remove it and check to see if anything is obsructing it. Once clear try again and repeat if neccacary.


Video Steps

When fitted correctly the plate of the card should rest on the case support so that a screw can be used to secure it.

When fitted correctly the plate of the card should rest on the case support so that a screw can be used to secure it.

  • Remove the appropriate PCI bracket cover on the back of the case. If you have a screw-less type case this may be done differently to the video. If you are not sure how to remove it refer the instructions that came with your case.

  • Unpack the Graphics Card and once you have grounded yourself, pick it up and place it vertically above the slot.

  • Before pushing it in, make sure that both the groves in the bottom of the card match the notches on the slot and that the end of the silver plate is passing in between the edge of the motherboard and the back of the case. Both of these are marked in red on the video.

  • Now gently push the card into place until it firmly sinks into the slot. Make sure that the card is horizontal when pushing it in so that it slots in evenly. When in completely, the top part of the cards back plate should be resting on the top of the cases bracket support (see image above).

  • Once the card is in, secure it with a screw on the top of its plate. If your case has a screw-less design this step will be slightly different. If you're not sure how to do it refer to the instruction manual that came with your case.

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