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Building Step 8

Drive Cables

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In this video we will connect both drives to the motherboard. In this example we are fitting a SATA Hard Drive and an IDE optical drive. The process will be the same for SATA optical Drives and IDE hard drives. If you are installing an IDE drive, be sure to read the section on Master/Slave jumper here.



Never force anything. If a cable doesn't feel like it will go in, stop and make sure that the grooves and notches or pins and holes all match up.


Video Steps

SATA Steps

  • Take your SATA cable and connect it to the port on the Hard Drive. Look for the L shape of the connector and match it with the same shape on the drives port.
  • Now take the other end and connect it to the first SATA port on your motherboard, usually named SATA1. if you are not sure which port is SATA1, refer to the motherboard manual. As before, match up the L shape on both sides of the connection.

IDE Steps

  • Take your IDE cable and take a look at it. Most have 3 ports on them, 1 at each end and then another one close to one end. Take the end with only 1 port and plug this into the motherboard, observing both the groove and missing pin hole on the connector and matching up with the corresponding gap and missing pin on the motherboard port (as per the video).
  • Take the other end and plug the port at the very end of the cable into your Optical drive observing the same guidelines as before.
  • The third connector is for connecting a second drive if and when you choose to do so. If you do install another drive on this connector, make sure to set the Master/Slave jumper as described below.

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